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Music & Business

Music & Business

  1. How Much Does it Cost for Project Management?

    We typically work on a case by case basis, working with an individual or a groups specific needs. An album cover is time intensive because it represents the art that the artist is sharing with the world.

    Our media project design management starts at 25 dollars per hour.

    Along With this service we can package per project and discuss with the artist the best way to represent the product. Typically over a six or 12 month period we bill for a range of services that provide any artist with greater exposure than just word of mouth. We provide the numbers you are looking for. Our team is dedicated to managing your portfolio.

     Video Directing / Production starts at 1000 per project. Working with a wide range of options at our disposal we can book any set for your shoot. We have multiple connections in the Seattle and Los Angeles area to facilitate the visual arts presentation desired to promote your album.

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